is a magician and a creative consultant with a sharp focus on contemporary and interdisciplinary ways to present and experience magic. Exploring the grey area between reality and illusion, he is inviting the audience to consider and question the nature of wonder and astonishment itself. In his experimental magic practice he is particularly interested in the themes of repetition and the decay of wonder. In his performances, he playfully addresses the absurd, weird and irritating qualities of magic.

With background and experience in traditional entertainment magic he has turned his attention to challenging the conventional rules of the craft. Slightly annoyed by artificial and dusty magic tropes he uses the tools of contemporary theatre to poke holes into our perception of reality.

Luis Carr completed formal training in Magie Nouvelle at the CNAC, Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France in 2020. He is the co-founder of Magic Monday Leipzig and he is currently working collaboratively with visual and performance artists to explore new interactive formats for staging magic.



2018 – 2020 


Since 2016

Since 2016



Since 2009

2005 – 2011

2004 – 2005

Online-Workshop Rimini Protokoll - “If I were where you are”
STUDIO ONLINE - international workspaces, STUDIO teatrgaleria

Formation "Magie Nouvelle"

CNAC Centre national des arts du cirque, Châlons-en-Champagne

Workshop Andre Hidalgo
Juggling(manipulation) with Body(manipulation), Berlin  

Student of Matthew „POKI” McCorkle
Object Animation, Isolation Hoop, Mime

Student of Phax Said Ahamada – Slowmotion Phax
Coaching in slow motion dance, development of methods for the representation of zero gravity

Puppetry by Dorothee Jordan, Munich

Intensive Workshop
MOVEO - Escuela Internacional de Mimo Corporal Dramatico de Barcelona

Student of Gaston, FISM World Champion of Parlour Magic 
Acting, Improvisation

Diploma (Master) in Environmental Engineering
University of Stuttgart, Main Focus: Energy Supply and Water Supply

Theatre Studies
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

Main Focus: Performance Art, Body in Film

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